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Data Application


Maximize the Value of your Material Master Data


In today's competitive asset-intensive industries, companies must operate as lean and efficiently as possible, while maximizing asset performance and production output. MRO data remains one of the most untapped savings opportunities. Now that your MRO data is best-in-class it is the perfect time to leverage your data and present real savings to your organization.   

Inventory Optimization

Analyze your indirect inventory to identify excess and inactive materials ready for an effective disposition strategy. 
Maintenance Efficiency

Reduce the time your maintenance team spends searching for parts so they can focus on equipment uptime.
Indirect Purchases

Utilize your best-in-class purchasing data to develop an impactful procurement strategy.
OEM Conversion

Identify OEM conversion opportunities that will reduce your acquisition price while increasing product availability. 
Management Reporting

Better data equates to better reporting allowing your organization the opportunity to benefit in finance, operations, and production. 

Contact us today to discuss a strategy designed specifically to address the needs of your organization. 


MRO Data Evaluation

Submit a data sample today and receive a comprehensive data evaluation report, which will highlight critical data statistics and provide detailed cleansing samples, formatted specifically for your EAM / ERP system. 

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