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Our Mission

As a global leader in material master data solutions, IMA strives to continually improve our data driven services and ensure our customers maximize the value of their material master data. At IMA, we leverage technological advances and the power of the human element to achieve data excellence.

Experienced Leadership


Charlene Freeman, President & CEO


Charlene joined the IMA team and began learning all facets of the niche business early in her career. Prior to becoming President & CEO in 2012, Charlene held multiple positions within the company, ranging from Data Cleanser and Catalog Manager to General Manager. While IMA has traditionally been a service-based company, Charlene's strategic long-term vision for the growth of IMA has become the driving force behind web-based services and internal software development. 


“We are continuously evolving as a company to meet the demands of an ever-changing and increasingly competitive market. It is our unmatched flexibility and customer-focused solutions that truly differentiate IMA.” ​


Troy D. Miller, Vice President & COO


Troy learned the importance of quality MRO Material Master Data during his almost 20 years in industrial distribution. In 2012 Troy joined IMA as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing. His passion for quality data led to certification in 2013 as a Master Data Quality Manager (ISO 8000-110:2009). As the current Vice President and COO at IMA, Troy ensures the short and long term strategic goals of the company are being achieved. Troy’s vision of constant technological improvement provides the scalability and flexibility that differentiates IMA.  


“At IMA we strive to maintain our position as a global leader providing master data solutions. Our relentless effort to improve our data driven services ensures our customers maximize the value of their material master data. Leveraging technological advances while ensuring we utilize the power of the human element illustrates our uncompromising effort to achieve data excellence.”

IMA's Major Milestones 

IMA Major Milestones
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No Cost, No Obligation

Submit a Data sample today and receive a comprehensive evaluation, complete with detailed cleansing samples formatted specifically for your ERP/CMMS that will highlight your critical Data statistics

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