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MRO Material Master

Data Cleansing

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Material Master Data Cleansing

Developed and refined over 30 years of business, IMA’s industry leading MRO Material Master Data Cleansing services ensure the highest level of data quality and consistency.

As pioneers in MRO (Maintenance, Repairs and Operations) data management, IMA offers a data cleansing service unlike any other. IMA understands that each customer and industry is unique, therefore materials data must be cleansed accordingly. Using a strategic combination of automated and manual procedures, along with industry best practice standards, IMA will tailor data to the specific business and system requirements of each customer. Throughout the process, IMA standardizes, enhances, and validates raw data to provide a material master that is consistent, attribute-rich, and free of duplication. Once clean your materials data is then formatted to meet the specific configuration requirements of the chosen ERP/EAM/CMMS, including field type, character limitation, and data arrangement.



IMA utilizes a proven combination of proprietary software, manual subject matter expertise and industry best practices to ensure the end state of all data initiatives produces BEST-IN-CLASS material master data. For over 30 years IMA has developed and continuously refines an internal cleansing methodology that includes the IMA Noun-Modifier taxonomy, Master Parts Library and internally developed Data Mining Software. 


The IMA Noun Modifier taxonomy is an internally developed best practice data schema specifically designed for MRO material master data. The schema consists of 2,200 Category/Sub-category pairs complete with industry relevant attributes. The IMA schema can be adopted in its original format, customized to your specific needs or, IMA will adopt your current data schema. 


The IMA Master Parts Library is a dynamic and ever evolving data repository that contains millions of MRO and OEM part records, each with consistent, validated, attribute-rich descriptions. The IMA Master Parts Library is one of IMA's most valuable intellectual assets and is used extensively for internal data cleansing services. For the first time in IMA history an abbreviated version of the library can be accessed by our data governance clients exclusively within uManage Pro.  


In a world of ever-evolving technology it is imperative that IMA utilize the most advanced software solutions to ensure our services provide BEST-IN-CLASS material master data. IMA houses a development team positioned to develop, test, and continuously improve our internal technology. 

Cinder-io.png - Data Parsing

A technology developed to convert the original data description into individual data characteristics in preparation for accurate identification.

seek-io.png - Data Identification

An integral task for every data initiative, leverages advanced technology to accurately and precisely identify your data. An analysis of data components such as part number, manufacturer, category, and characteristics ensure precise identification.



M2DE - Data Enhancement

Ensuring your data includes pertinent characteristics is one of the keys to achieving data excellence.  M2DE leverages a data repository of over 5 million material records to assign the industry’s most desired attribute values.



Codif-IMA - Data Classification

Codif-IMA assigns accurate coding and classification of any type to each item based on its category, characteristics, application, and description. A rigorous coding strategy permits efficiencies in procurement, inventory, maintenance, and other facets of your business.


Every material master data journey begins with selecting key data criteria. 

Data Standards

Identify exactly how your data is to be populated

Standard Operating Procedure

Document in detail the procedures that will be followed to ensure BEST-IN-CLASS data


Select the code set most applicable to your data needs

Data Formatting

Accurately define formatting needs to match the specifics of your ERP/EAM/CMMS

Item Duplication

Define how duplication will be identified and managed

Upload Ready File

Align headers, character limitations, and data build requirements to prepare a successful upload file


  • Utilizes a proven combination of software, manual subject matter expertise and industry best practices

  • Tailored to customer preferences and business requirements 

  • Follows a comprehensive project workflow with milestones and KPIs 

  • Weekly progress meetings held via GoToMeeting™

  • Multi-lingual translation capabilities

  • Duplicate Identification and Consolidation

  • Efficient Part Search Ability

  • Avoidance of False Stock-Outs

  • Increased Maintenance Productivity

  • Maximized ERP/EAM/CMMS Functionality and Reporting

  • Improved Spend Visibility

  • Enable Inventory Optimization

  • Enable Efficient Asset Management 



MRO Data Evaluation

Submit a data sample today and receive a comprehensive data evaluation report, which will highlight critical data statistics and provide detailed cleansing samples, formatted specifically for your EAM / ERP system. 

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