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Data Capture and On-Site Services

Not sure what's in your storeroom? 
Looking to create a new MRO dataset? 
Trouble finding your spare parts?
Solution With IMA Services:
Gain Full Visibility of What's in your Storeroom 

How It Works


Based on the scope of work to be performed, IMA will assign a dedicated group of on-site subject matter experts equipped with tablets to identify, record and transmit detailed MRO part information. IMA will then prepare the acquired data according to pre-defined standards using Data Cleansing services and return the completed dataset in a load-ready file.

Over time, MRO storerooms become filled with parts that are undocumented and/or unaccounted for within the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system. As a result, companies are unable to gain accurate spend visibility and effectively manage their assets. Additionally, maintenance personnel struggle to find parts when they need them and often end up order items that already exist on storeroom shelves. That’s where IMA comes in. We assign on-site subject matter experts to physically identify parts in your storeroom, while recording pertinent data for entry into the enterprise system. While we’re there, we can also tidy the place up so that maintenance personnel can locate parts with ease and efficiency.
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Data Capture

  • Dedicated team of On-Site MRO spare parts experts 

  • Each resource is equipped with a tablet for data collection

  • Data entered using a custom mobile app developed by IMA 

  • Onsite Resources Physically Identify and Record:

    • Manufacturer Name and Part Number

    • Item Description

    • Bin Number/Location

    • Item Number/ID

    • Quantity On-Hand



  • Product commodity consolidation

  • Barcoding

  • Shelf labelling

  • Storeroom Layout Reconfiguration

  • Hardware Assembly (Shelving, Cabinets, etc.)

  • Other services available upon request​


  • Efficient Part Search Ability, Identification and Locating

  • Reliable On-Hand Quantities

  • Avoidance of False Stock-Outs

  • Increased Maintenance Productivity

  • Identification of Excess and Obsolete Inventory

  • Enable Efficient Asset Management and Inventory Reduction

  • Improved Storeroom Organization and Safety



MRO Data Evaluation

Submit a data sample today and receive a comprehensive data evaluation report, which will highlight critical data statistics and provide detailed cleansing samples, formatted specifically for your EAM / ERP system. 

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