MRO Material Master

Data Governance

MRO Material Master Data Governance
Maintain ongoing Material Master data quality and compliance using IMA’s advanced web-based Data Governance solution. 


Getting your Material Master clean is only half the battle, keeping it that way can be just as challenging without the proper tools and process. Fortunately, IMA offers an innovative web-based Data Governance solution for maintaining long-term data integrity, consistency and compliance. Through a user-friendly web-based interface called uManage, users simply login and submit new item creations and modifications using customized request forms, which follow a role-based workflow to provide efficient data governance and duplicate prevention.  

IMA Ltd. uManage Data Governance Screenshot
IMA Ltd. uManage Customer Login

Service Models


Based on business processes, customer preference and corporate system security policies, IMA offers two Data Governance service options:


The Gatekeeper service model is web-based and non-system integrated. The Gatekeeper process enables completed items (cleansed records) to be returned to Customer via email notification through the uManage portal in a pre-defined load-ready file format (.xls, .txt, .csv).


The Turnkey service model is web-based and requires enterprise system login access for a designated IMA Data Governance Specialist. The Turnkey process enables the designated IMA representative to directly access the Customer enterprise system to directly upload completed items in the live system. 

User Roles and Workflow


Populats and submits New Item Creation, Modification, Extension or Suspension request forms within uManage.


Reviews and Accepts or Rejects pending requests within uManage.

IMA Data Governance Team

Receives pending request(s) upon Approver acceptance and performs standardization, enhancement, validation and formatting in accordance with pre-defined corporate standards. Depending on the service model (Gatekeeper or Turnkey), the Data Governance Team will return completed items to the Downloader in a load-ready format, or enter them directly into the live enterprise system (ERP, EAM, CMMS, etc.).


Using the Gatekeeper service model, the Downloader receives completed items in a load-ready file format, which they will enter into the live enterprise system (ERP, EAM, CMMS, etc.).


  • Secure Web-Based Interface

  • Restricted Role-Based User Access

  • Real-Time Email Notifications and Item Status Updates

  • Multi-Layer Approval Workflow

  • Detailed Audit Trail with Time Stamping

  • Smart Part Search Using "Fuzzy Search" Algorithm

  • Enterprise Visibility - Search Plant or Client (Corporate) Level

  • Customizable Request Forms and Workflow

  • Batch Upload for High Volume Requests

  • Duplicate Prevention Technology with Pop-Up Alert

  • Rapid Turnaround Time

  • User Training Provided via Webinar

  • Maintained Data Integrity and Consistency

  • Compliance to Corporate Data Standards and Business Processes

  • Efficient Part Search Ability

  • No Hardware or Software Installation Required

  • Minimal Workplace Disruption and Change Management

  • Maximum Enterprise System Functionality


No Cost, No Obligation

MRO Data Evaluation

Submit a data sample today and receive a comprehensive data evaluation report, which will highlight critical data statistics and provide detailed cleansing samples, formatted specifically for your EAM / ERP system.