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Material Master Data Solutions

IMA provides a full line of Material Master Data solutions to support the ever-changing challenges that manufacturing and asset-intensive organizations face with Maintenance, Repairs and Operations. For over 30 years IMA has fine-tuned its process, methodology and software applications, to become a global leader in the field of MRO Data Collection, Cleansing, Classification, and Governance. With a strong focus on service flexibility, innovation, and customer support, IMA continues to stand out in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Every data initiative begins with the collection of existing material master data. Whether that data is extracted from a legacy system or requires on-site physical data capture our resources will ensure you get started on the right foot. On-site physical part identification, storeroom survey, and data collection services are performed by IMA's on-site experts.

Industry leading MRO Data Cleansing services combine software and manual expertise to deliver the most accurate, consistent, and complete data, while maximizing ROI.

Utilize our time proven noun and modifier dictionary or let us clean your data to your own schema. Our solution provides flexibility to ensure the process aligns with your end goals. 

Data Governance ensures ongoing data integrity, consistency and compliance.

uManage Pro offers a self-serve SAAS, backed by IMA subject matter experts, developed to maintain quality item master data as you add new items or update existing items. Combine system integration, customizable data formatting and a 2 million item data repository to achieve best-in-class data governance. 

Material Master Data remains to be one of the most untapped savings sources amongst asset intensive organizations. Leverage the power of your best-in-class data to achieve hard savings. More effectively leverage your MRO purchases, reduce excess and inactive on-hand inventory, manage costly item master duplication...the possibilities are endless.

No Cost, No Obligation

MRO Data Evaluation

Submit a data sample today and receive a comprehensive data evaluation report, which will highlight critical data statistics and provide detailed cleansing samples, formatted specifically for your EAM / ERP system. 

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