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in Material Master Data

Manage Your Materials, Master Your Data!


Let world class data accelerate your operational efficiencies

World class MRO data isn't a luxury, it's a business necessity. As a key component of maintenance, production, inventory management, finance, and so much more, the time is now to engage in your MRO data journey. Sound overwhelming? It doesn't have to be. Together, let's make it easy!

Data Collection

Digital or physical, data collection is the keystone to any successful data initiative. IMA helps you capture the right data to ensure the best outcome.

Data Cleansing

Normalizing data to a defined schema ensures accuracy, which enhances decision-making, streamlines inventory management, optimizes procurement, and improves overall operational efficiency. Quality data lowers costs and prevents disruptions in maintenance, repair, and operations activities.


By codifying material master data, your data is consistently marked and easy to filter, report on, and track through its lifecycle. This consistency will enhance your MRO operations by making it easy to accurately identify parts, streamline your inventory management, and simplify your supplier interactions.

 Data Governance

Maintaining the integrity of your MRO data has never been easier. uManage Pro, our web based solution, accommodates our default or custom schema, data rules, access to our MRO data repository of over 1 million MRO and OEM items, multi-approval process, IMA resource supported, and so much more.  

Unprecedented Quality.
Relentless Passion.

As a global leader in the field for over 30 years, IMA never stops fine-tuning our process, methodology, and software applications to better collect, cleanse, classify, and govern data. Today, IMA provides a full line of material master data solutions to support the ever-changing challenges that manufacturing and asset-intensive organizations face with maintenance, repairs and operations. With a focus on service flexibility, innovation, and customer support, IMA continues to lead in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

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Focus: MRO Data

An ROI is a compelling piece to any internal business case or value proposition. Receive a custom calculation instantly based on your company’s inputs.
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How World Class Data Can Help You

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No Cost, No Obligation

Submit a data sample today and receive a comprehensive evaluation, complete with detailed cleansing samples formatted specifically for your ERP/CMMS that will highlight your critical data statistics.

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