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Maximize the Value of your Material Master Data


The Data Excellence Journey

For over 30 years IMA Ltd. has partnered with asset intensive organizations ranging from single sites to globally recognized Fortune 100 companies. Despite the variables from industry to industry or customer to customer the end goal remains the same:


BEST-IN-CLASS Material Master Data, on time, cost effectively.


Let us assist you on your journey to Data Excellence. 

Achieving Data Excellence can seem overwhelming. Together, let's make it easy...



Every data cleanse initiative begins with the collection of existing material master data. Whether that data is extracted from a legacy system or requires on-site physical data capture our resources will determine the best solution to get your data journey started. On-site physical part identification and data collection services are performed by IMA's on-site experts.



Industry leading Data Cleansing services combine custom developed software and subject matter experts to deliver the most accurate, consistent, and complete material master data. Utilize our time proven data schema, standards, and processes or leverage your own. Our data cleansing solution provides flexibility to align with your specific data needs while maximizing ROI.



Maintain the integrity of your material master data with industry’s most advanced and customizable governance technology.



Achieving Data Excellence presents the opportunity to analyze, report, and execute on data driven decisions.

Material Master Data remains one of the most untapped sources of savings amongst asset intensive organizations. Leverage the power of your best-in-class data to achieve hard savings. More effectively leverage your MRO spend, reduce excess and inactive on-hand inventory, manage costly item master duplication...and more.

Let's get started!


MRO Data Evaluation

Submit a data sample today and receive a comprehensive data evaluation that will highlight critical data statistics and provide detailed cleansing samples, formatted specifically for your ERP or CMMS. 


"PepsiCo challenged IMA to meet very aggressive cost reduction targets and timelines. Through the use of its Data Cleansing and Catalog Management services, we will meet or exceed those targets. The experience and expertise of the IMA team has met and surpassed our expectations and I would thoroughly recommend IMA to any organization looking to take advantage of costs savings within maintenance stores inventory.”    

Phil Faxlanger, Director, Maintenance Capability
Pepsi Bottling North America