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The New Age of Material Master Data Management 

Our Services

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Data Collection

Every data initiative begins with the collection of existing MRO master data. Whether digital data is extracted from a legacy system or requires on-site physical data capture, our resources ensure you get started on the right foot.


On-site Data Capture

For on-site data, IMA’s spare parts experts perform physical part identification, data capture, and data review. A dedicated team of our experts come to your storeroom location equipped with tablets to enter data and import it into a custom mobile app developed by IMA. A typical onsite capture includes elements such as Manufacturer Name and Part Number, Item Description, and Bin Number/Location.​​

Digital Data Extraction

If your company already has a current set of master data, then the IMA Data Specialists extract your current data and translate it into the IMA data schema. If needed, we can instead create a new taxonomy following your company's rules and requirements.


  • ​Search for, identify, and locate parts efficiently

  • Reliably know on-hand quantities

  • Avoid false stock-outs

  • Increase maintenance productivity

  • Identify excess and obsolete inventory

  • Manage assets efficiently and reduce inventory

If your company has any of the following problems, data collection with IMA can make a difference: 

  • Not aware of current inventory 

  • Frequently re-orders spare parts without knowing what is actually needed

  • Unorganized storeroom and unaccounted spare parts

  • Current digital data is outdated and invalid

  • Can’t identify simple part information such as manufacturer’s code or bin location

Data Cleansing

IMA's industry leading MRO data cleansing services combine software and manual expertise to deliver the most accurate, consistent, and complete MRO data. Utilize our proven noun and modifier category dictionary or let us clean your data to your own schema. Our solution provides flexibility to ensure the process aligns with your specific data needs. 


  • Utilizes a proven combination of software, manual subject matter expertise and industry best practices

  • Tailored to customer preferences and business requirements 

  • Follows a comprehensive project workflow with milestones and KPIs 

  • Multilingual translation capabilities


  • Identify and consolidate duplicates

  • Search parts efficiently

  • Avoid false stock-outs

  • Increase maintenance productivity

  • Maximize ERP/EAM/CMMS functionality and reporting

  • Improve spend visibility

  • Optimize inventory

  • Manage assets efficiently

If your company has any of the following problems, talk to IMA about data cleansing: 

  • Duplicate part information

  • Cannot efficiently search for part information

  • Inventory stockouts

  • Maintenance teams slowed by lack of appropriate inventory 

  • Not meeting KPIs and milestones

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Data Governance

Data governance ensures ongoing data integrity, consistency and compliance. IMA’s one of a kind solution, uManage Pro, allows users to manage data self-sufficiently or get support from IMA subject matter experts. uManage Pro maintains quality item master data as you add new items or update existing items. Combine system integration, customizable data formatting, and a two million MRO data repository to maintain your world class data. 


  • Rule-based data input

  • Industry leading search functionality 

  • Role-based user access 

  • Item addition and modification 

  • Item duplication identification

  • Approval process

  • Self-serve or IMA supported

  • Full system integration to ERP/EAM/CMMS 

  • Industry leading software

  • Option to adopt our taxonomy or integrate your own


  • Ability to choose your taxonomy

  • Embedded codification

  • Reliable data for tracking inventory 

  • Consistent formatting

If your company has any of the following problems, talk to IMA about data governance: 

  • New inventory is not accounted for

  • Parts are not easily modified or updated

  • Old, outdated inventory remains in your current data set

  • It’s hard to see what inventory you have

  • Parts are duplicated and entered inconsistently

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