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uManage Pro

Maintain the integrity of your Material Master Data using the industry's most advanced Governance solution.

What is 
uManage Pro?

uManage Pro, developed by IMA Ltd, is a cutting-edge software solution designed to elevate your World Class Data management practices and ensure your Material Master Data remains consistently clean, accurate, and enhanced. With its powerful suite of features, uManage Pro empowers your company to take control of your Material Master Data, enabling you to make informed decisions, optimize operations, and drive sustainable growth.

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IMA Data Schema

uManage Pro features a data schema developed over 20 years. Complete with over 2000 categories and an average of 7 of the industry's most popular attributes you can rest assured your data will be world class. 

Custom Schema

Does your organization work with a custom schema developed for your data? No problem! uManage Pro can integrate custom schemas to maintain consistency with previous data efforts.  

Data Rules and Formatting

Whether you decide to adopt the data rules and formatting built in to uManage Pro or leverage your own the output is world class data all the time, every time.

Data Management

Self Serve

Leverage the power of uManage Pro to self-manage your Material Master Data. With various user roles your organization can develop a lifecycle that enables your resources to create and maintain world class data. 

IMA Supported

Utilize the subject matter experts at IMA to augment your material master data workflow. Concentrate on your daily tasks while IMA maintains your data integrity. 

Hybrid Solution

Not sure if you want to self manage your material master data or let IMA do it for you? No problem. We are here as little or as much as you need. 

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Data Resources

MRO Library

Access more than 1,000,000 of the most popular MRO items. With a single click you can enhance your material master items. 

Duplication Identification

 Eliminating duplication enhances data quality, simplifies data management, and supports more efficient and effective procurement and inventory management processes. 


Codification helps users by providing a standardized, efficient, and accurate way to manage, identify, and procure materials. 

Data Workflow

Multi-level Approval

Aligning the approval process to match that of your organization is imperative. uManage Pro can be customized to adapt to your approval needs. 

Bulk Submission

Have a new piece of equipment that requires it's critical and normal wear items to be added to your material master? No problem. Submit your items in bulk and let IMA prepare on your behalf. 

System Integration

Leverage the power of our data governance technology and connect your ERP or CMMS directly to uManage Pro.

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Schedule a demo

Interested in seeing how uManage Pro can meet the needs of your data governance strategy? Contact us to schedule a live demonstration. In less than 30 minutes we could change the way you manage your material master data, forever.

Together, let's make it easy!

What to expect during your demo: 
- Item master search
- Item addition 
- Item  modification
- Item extension 
- MRO library search
- Approval process
- Bulk submission
- Data export  


Thanks for submitting!

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