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uManage Pro

Maintain the integrity of your Material Master Data using the industry's most advanced Governance solution.

uManage Pro


For 30 years IMA Ltd. has made data our primary objective. Specifically, Indirect Material Master Data. Over decades we have strived for perfection in our schema, classification, codification, de-duping, attribute enhancement, and all things indirect material related.  


Leveraging industry leading technology we have developed the most versatile and customizable data governance solution. 

uManage, a data governance solution supported by a dedicated IMA subject matter expert provides you the strength of 

uManage Pro, the most advanced Material Master Data technology in industry. Combine technology with access to our 2,400,000 item repository and you can assure yourself best-in-class material master data.

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Interested in self data management?

Introducing uManage Pro

The most advanced Material Master Data solution in industry


2,209 categories

Access our data schema of 2,209 noun/modifier pairs complete with industry desired attributes

2,400,000 parts

Search our data repository to enhance your items with a few simple clicks


UNSPSC and IMA Category coding are automatically embedded in your data export 



Add materials to your item master utilizing our master data repository or leverage our normalized schema to enter item attribute information


Alter, amend, or enhance your items using our simple to use item modification


Identifying duplication is imperative when maintaining best-in-class material master. Our software proposes duplicates before they become an new item 

uManage Pro

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