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About IMA

Founded in 1989 by Jim and Judy Calvert, IMA Ltd. began business by providing onsite storeroom organization and survey services for local manufacturing facilities. With great success and increasing customer demand, IMA evolved with industry challenges and technology advancements to eventually offer niche data cleansing as its core service. Today, IMA is recognized as an industry leader in the field of Material Master Data Management, specializing in MRO Data Collection, Cleansing, Classification, and Governance services. Throughout 30+ years of business, IMA has worked with some of the world's most recognized brands from all industry segments. As pioneers in MRO data cleansing, IMA continues to grow and differentiate itself in the marketplace through continuous software development and unmatched service flexibility.

Throughout 30+ years of business IMA has successfully implemented thousands of projects, cleansed millions of unique MRO SKUs and continuously fine tuned its service methodology to become an industry leader in materials data cleansing.


Customer Focus

At IMA, our objective is not to sell one-time projects, it is to identify customer needs and provide best-practice solutions that enable long-term sustainable results. IMA is committed to providing ongoing customer support and satisfaction.

Advanced Technology

Leveraging the latest in software development IMA's internal team of highly advanced and knowledgeable developers work relentlessly to improve on existing internal technologies while creating new solutions for our customers. 

Using a strategic combination of internally developed software, manual subject matter expertise, and proven standard operating procedures, IMA provides unmatched service flexibility and customization.

30+ Years




The IMA Difference


Rob Hoffer, Global Account Manager at IMA Ltd. Tillsonburg Ontario Canada

Charlene FreemanPresident & CEO

Charlene joined the IMA team and began learning all facets of the niche business early in her career. Prior to becoming President & CEO in 2012, Charlene held multiple positions within the company ranging from Data Cleanser and Catalog Manager, to General Manager. While IMA has traditionally been a service-based company, Charlene's strategic long-term vision for the growth of IMA has become the driving force behind web-based services and internal software development. 


“We are continuously evolving as a company to meet the demands of an ever-changing and increasingly competitive market. It is our unmatched flexibility and customer-focused solutions that truly differentiate IMA.” 


- Charlene Freeman

Troy Miller profile pic _1MB.jpg

Troy D. Miller, Vice President & COO

Troy learned the importance of quality MRO Material Master Data during his almost 20 years in industrial distribution. In 2012 Troy joined IMA as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing. His passion for quality data lead to certification in 2013 as a Master Data Quality Manager (ISO 8000-110:2009). As the current Vice President and COO at IMA Troy ensures the long and short term strategic goals of the company are being achieved. Troy continuously works to improve the IMA service offering in order to satisfy the ever-changing needs of the marketplace. Troy’s vision of constantly improving IMA technology to provide both scalability and flexibility provides the basis of the company’s differentiation.  


“At IMA we strive to maintain our position as a global leader providing master data solutions. Our relentless effort to improve our data driven services ensures our customers maximize the value of their material master data. Leveraging technological advances while ensuring we utilize the power of the human element illustrates our uncompromising effort to achieve data excellence.” 


- Troy D. Miller



MRO Data Evaluation

Submit a data sample today and receive a comprehensive data evaluation report, which will highlight critical data statistics and provide detailed cleansing samples, formatted specifically for your EAM / ERP system. 

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