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MRO Data Cleansing For Efficient Asset Management and Maximum ERP Functionality

One of the most common challenges for manufacturing and asset-intensive organizations lies within their material master data and asset management process. In this White Paper, you will learn how MRO Data Cleansing can transform the asset management process, while maximizing ERP functionality.
IMA Ltd. MRO Data Cleansing White Paper

Achieving Cost Reduction Targets Through MRO Data Cleansing

While the Data Cleansing process may appear very simple in nature, it requires a unique and specialized set of software, people, and procedures. Some Data Cleansing companies pride themselves on efficiency and speed through the use of automated software, but in reality, there is no software application that can accurately cleanse mass data files without human intervention. The Data Cleansing process is actually much more detailed, and for the most accurate results, requires the use of automated software applications combined with the expertise of cleansing specialists to ensure consistency, accuracy, and efficiency. 
IMA Ltd. MRO Data Cleansing White Paper

Show Me The Money: MRO Inventory Optimization


In today’s business, with advanced technology and procedures, there is no question that a lot of money is tied up in MRO inventory. The real question is how to turn that unnecessary evil into significant cost savings. ​

IMA Ltd. MRO Data Cleansing White Paper

Mastering the Global Manufacturing Data Challenge


Global manufacturers continue to compete in a space that becomes more competitive and complex as the years pass. KPIs, ERPs, CRMs; these acronyms often mean we must do more with less, while increasing throughput on a decreased budget. The financial aspect drives this space, as it does every space. It is imperative that financial contributors such as storeroom inventory be managed with as much scrutiny as the equipment that is used to manufacturer the finished goods that are produced. 

IMA Ltd. MRO Data Cleansing White Paper

Creating a Virtual MRO Storeroom


Creating an Internal Virtual Warehouse (or Corporate MRO Catalogue) allows a multi-site corporation to leverage its assets across the entire organization and deliver maximum value for inventory parts. ​

IMA Ltd. MRO Data Cleansing White Paper

The High Cost of Corrupt Materials Data

How do we quantify the cost of corrupt materials data to justify a data cleansing investment when maintenance is perceived as a “necessary evil” of doing business? Building a business case and developing a successful MRO data management strategy can often be an uphill battle, even when companies are well aware of their data challenges. In an ever-changing business climate, where companies rely so heavily on data as a competitive advantage and method of achieving cost savings, it shouldn’t be so difficult to realize the benefits of data cleansing. 

IMA Ltd. MRO Data Cleansing White Paper


MRO Data Evaluation

Submit a data sample today and receive a comprehensive data evaluation report, which will highlight critical data statistics and provide detailed cleansing samples, formatted specifically for your EAM / ERP system. 

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