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IMA Leadership Update

IMA leadership are excited to announce a new venture to transform material master data management in SAP. Executive leadership Charlene Freeman and Troy Miller saw an opportunity to explore new technology and meet challenging needs in the industry, leading to the launch of a new company: ASAP Data Solutions Ltd. IMA and ASAP are designed to fill different niches–IMA focusing on customized, tailored data solutions and ASAP providing a SAP product that revolutionizes the workflow of how material master data is created.

As continued partners, Charlene and Troy are committed to the ongoing success of both companies. To make that possible, Charlene will continue to oversee the leadership of IMA within her role as President and CEO while Troy will take on the role of CEO for ASAP. Of course, Troy will never be far from IMA; as he transitions away from his current duties, he will be taking on the new role of Chair of IMA’s Board of Directors.

IMA Ltd and ASAP Ltd

You can read more about these changes in the press release below. 


**Innovative SaaS Solution to Revolutionize Material Master Data Management


Waterloo, ON – In an exciting new development for the material master data management sector, the executives of IMA Ltd. are announcing the launch of a groundbreaking AI assisted software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology company, ASAP Data Solutions Ltd. This venture introduces a state-of-the-art solution designed to simplify the creation and management of material master data to ensure quality and consistency across asset-intensive organizations.

 While IMA Ltd. is the industry’s leading material master data management company offering the most customized solutions for material master data cleanse and governance, the IMA Ltd. executive team sought to address another critical industry challenge: the creation of high-quality material master data. ASAP is a strategic extension of the founders' commitment to excellence in material master data management, designed to complement, not compete with, IMA Ltd.'s current service offerings. Organizations of all sizes will be able to use an integrated suite of tools to tackle all aspects of material master data challenges more efficiently than ever before. 

 "This new venture is a testament to our collaborative spirit and shared dedication to advancing the field. Together, we are setting a new standard for quality and efficiency in material master data management," said Troy Miller, a co-founder of ASAP who will transition from COO at IMA Ltd. to CEO of ASAP. Troy has accepted the position of Chair of the Board for IMA Ltd. 

 The new company's flagship offering is a revolutionary AI SaaS solution seamlessly integrated with SAP, enabling users to effortlessly generate material master data through an intuitive conversation-type information gathering process. This approach guarantees a level of data quality and consistency previously unattainable in the sector. 

 "We are excited to introduce this innovative solution to the market, building on our proven track record of delivering exceptional material master data management services," said Charlene Freeman, a co-founder of ASAP, who remains as President and CEO of IMA Ltd.

 Matt Kroetsch is the third co-founder, currently the Vice President of Engineering at IMA Ltd., and will assume the role of Chief Technology Officer at ASAP. 

 The new SaaS solution is set to launch in the second quarter of this year, with early access and demonstrations available to select clients beginning in May. Organizations interested in learning more about how this innovative technology can transform their material master data management processes are encouraged to contact the new company for further information.


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