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Cost reduction

"PepsiCo challenged IMA to meet very aggressive cost reduction targets and timelines. Through the use of its Data Cleansing and Catalog Management services, we will meet or exceed those targets. The experience and expertise of the IMA team has met and surpassed our expectations and I would thoroughly recommend IMA to any organization looking to take advantage of costs savings within maintenance stores inventory.” 

Phil Faxlanger, Director of Maintenance Capability

Pepsi Bottling North America

"After implementing a successful item master data cleansing project, Compass Minerals contracted IMA Ltd. again to perform a detailed Inventory Optimization. The objective for the Inventory Optimization project was to gain critical analytics, which would strongly support our corporate inventory reduction initiative, while enabling efficient asset utilization. The Inventory Optimization results proved to be even more staggering than originally anticipated, revealing that over 25% of current on-hand inventory was in excessive quantities and over 35% was inactive. Using the itemized Inventory Optimization results and MIN/MAX recommendations provided by IMA, Compass Minerals was able to implement an inventory disposition strategy to reduce excess/obsolete inventory, set accurate replenishment levels, and better leverage MRO spend. To date, Compass Minerals has achieved significant returns through procurement efficiency and excess/obsolete inventory disposition. In addition, IMA continues to perform ongoing optimization services for Compass Minerals in an effort to sustain optimal inventory levels. Working with IMA on both the Data Cleansing and Inventory Optimization projects was a rewarding experience. Their industry expertise and service capabilities are second to none in today’s market."

Darren Wright, Procurement Director - Indirect Materials & Energy

Compass Minerals

Inventory optimization
Team work

"My experience with IMA over the last 2 years has been a very good working relationship. In all relationships sometimes things don’t go as planned; but, in good relationships both parties work together to get a resolution that is beneficial for all. Our project had many goal and process changes. IMA always remained positive, brought their skill and expertise into play to work with us. I look forward to continuing our relationship." 

John K. Fontenot, Corporate Asset Reliability Manager

Gerdau Long Steel North America

IMA played an important role assisting Tembec in standardizing and improving business processes, systems and naming nomenclature related to maintenance, stores inventory, and capital spare part stocking activities. IMA has worked with Tembec to design and implement a process whereby rapid easy access to a single view of stores inventory is available. We can now identify opportunities to reduce stores inventory levels as well as report on vendor performance across all of our mills."

Tim Brown, Director, Information Technology and Systems

Tembec Pulp and Paper

Improving business processes
Improving global operations

"Our relationship with IMA over the past 4 years has brought an amazing level of data integrity to our global operations.  It goes above and beyond standardization that eliminates duplicate and redundant parts in our Oracle Item Master.  IMA’s insights and supports is foundational to the business intelligence that we lend to strategic operations decisions.  Specifically in procurement, we have granular item, supplier, and price level data that is key, if not critical, to our spend projections and contractual negotiations.  IMA’s data scrubbing creates a common language across our plants that leverage part numbered items, which results in synergies and better efficiencies at the transactional level.  


Aleris is not just another account for IMA.  Our organization has asked for more than a handful of customizations to the format in which our data is returned, and each and every time IMA has embraced the request and made it happened.  New this year, they kicked off portal technology that has replaced legacy internal request processes that we have been trying to kill off for years.  As a result, we now have a standard application for receiving part setup requests that is custom to us and extremely user friendly to our plants."

Shawn Kindle, Data & Buying Excellence Manager

Aleris International

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No Cost, No Obligation

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